Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day Card for Mom

I thought I would share the card I made for Mom this year.  There's a little story behind this card. 
When I was just a little girl, no more than 2.  I had a favorite bear that I named "Teddy".  I loved Teddy very much and would take him everywhere I went.  My Mom told me that I would talk to Teddy just like he was a real baby.
One Easter morning, my Dad wanted to take a picture of all of us kids.  There were five of us, 3 boys, 2 girls; I was the youngest.  He wanted me to put Teddy down so that the picture would be simply of us children. 

I didn't want to put Teddy down.  Not at all!  Mom saw my dismay and decided to snap a picture of me turning to Teddy, with my face all contorted in sorrow, saying, "Don't worry Teddy...I won't put you down."

Anyway...it was a sweet reminder of my childhood and I added this feature in the card.  I also added a tag on the "boxelope" reflecting the moment.

WOC Challenge 23 Mums are Special
She loved the card and ran back to her room to get the picture to show everyone that had come to visit on her special day.  It gave me such joy to make her happy.  I miss her terribly. 

This country is awful big when your Mom is on the other side....

Thanks for taking the time with me today...blessings and love to all who stop here!

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Elly P said...

Beautiful card, and a lovely story. I love the colours and the layout.

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Elly P
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