Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mom Made It Safely!

Well, Mom got home safely and in Business Class!!  They booted her forward and she road in style.  Mom has this way about her that is so gentle and kind.  She often gets hugs from strangers and kindness is showered upon her.  It's so funny to watch how people treat her; mind you she doesn't want special treatment and I think that may be why she gets it.

Here's one of the first scrapbook pages I ever did.  It's of my Mom after one of her visits with me.  She stayed over for my birthday; hence the lei!  This was a couple of years ago.

I spoke to her and she was so thrilled that everything went well.  She misses us and we miss her.  When she comes to visit, she just fits right in like shes always been here.  That makes me feel so good!  That's exactly how I want her to feel and be.  At her home away from home.

Have a wonderful day everyone! 

Blessings and love,


Janie Printz said...

What a beautiful scrapbook page & how wonderful to keep making those unforgetable memories as often as you can. Glad I was able to follow you now that your followers is back. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your terrific work.
Hugs, Janie

Rea said...

Hi Colleen, yes, I'm up late, can you believe I just figured out I had been following the wrong blog for you. So glad I found you. I love the layout you did of your Mom. It is beautiful. The paper is so sweet. Hugs, Rea

unikorna said...

Wow you have a very young mom. The age difference between me and my mom is 39 years and that always upset me because it is a huge generation gap.

BN Farrington said...

That is awesome! So wonderful to be so well connected to your mom. Blessings, Beverly