Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 Day Weekend! Woot! Woot!

According to Wikipedia:

The first big Labor Day in the United States was observed on September 5, 1882, by the Central Labor Union of New York.  It became a federal holiday in 1894, when, following the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the U.S. military and U.S. Marshals during the Pullman Strike, President Grover Cleveland reconciled with the labor movement.

Wow, now that is something I either didn't know or didn't was a bit before my time.  With that said, I didn't realize that people lost their lives prior to the first Labor Day.  It's a bit sobering.

We don't have any big plans...I'm going to work on a few projects and try to get some better ideas and photos for the shop.  Here's one I'm just about finished with:

You might wonder why I do so many of the same part, my stamp collection is growing slowly, but I also colored several stamps ahead to give life to each "gal" in a fresh way.  I also tried to use different variations in color to compliment differing environments.

Thanks for taking the time with me today!  Blessings always!



Betty said...

Your work is so lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing.

Frank said...

I really like Your Etsy Blog. It's kind of like a well-decorated home; warm, comfortable, and homely feeling!

Wasn't sure where to leave my comment, but I added my own link at the bottom of the blog page. Come visit me, sometime, at America In Prophecy. It's probably very different than anything else you've ever seen. ;0)