Monday, September 26, 2011

Shadow Box Creation

I've made a shadow box.  Well, the shadow box was purchased and I added to it.  I used my Lili of the Valley stamp, colored in shades of purple.  The papers are from my Scrap That kit, which includes some of the flowers. 

I didn't like the stark white of the shadow box so I added some coordinating paper to the frame.  I think it turned out pretty well.

My husband said we should hang it, but I'm thinking I'll add it to my Etsy shop.  Still thinking about the price.  
I'm also trying to decide on a charity.  I would like a portion of my proceeds to go toward a worthy cause.  I may not make much, but what I do make should do some good somewhere.  Right?

Thanks for taking the time with me today!


Judy Haughton-James said...

Very beautiful!

kim said...

wow! it's so pretty.. love arts and crafts myself. i'm into cross stitch and crochet. wish i have more time for it, though, lol! following you now, girl! you may want to check out my other blogs as well..


randomcreative said...

Whether you keep it or sell it, it's very pretty!

wiregems said...

So sweet and "girlie"--I love it!

emszee said...

I really luv ur designs, backgrounds! and cute.. and this photo is great too!..btw, thank or commenting on my blog..(",)