Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Memories "No Faces Allowed" Challenge

I thought I would have a little fun before work this morning and put together a layout for the My Memories Challenge "No Faces Allowed".  This has always been one of my favorite pictures.  My daughter and her first child laying on the floor together watching a children's show.  It didn't last long as Kiani was very little, but it was a joy to see them, like this, together.

I know they will always be there for each other.  As she will for all the children she is blessed with.  My son as well...I am blessed.

Thank you for stopping by!

Blessings and love, Colleen

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Really October 22nd! Where Did This Month Go?

I can hardly believe that the month has flown by so quickly.  I know this is as it should be, but it still shocks me when I turn around and it's 3/4's of the way through the month!  I've found as I've gotten older the time really moves away from me!

With that said...Fall is upon us and we are beginning to look at a new season of sweet smells, warm fires, soups, and cuddling with our Honey's!  What fun...and the trees are really turning into colorful arrays of artistic wonder.  I love this time of year.

I've decided to decorate some votive holders and add my gourmet, soy votives to them.  I'll list them in my Etsy shop for around 4.00 or so.  They'll make wonderful gifts for teachers and friends during the holiday season.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for commenting!  You always make my day!  Blessings and {{{hugs}}}.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Kiani and her New Scarf

This is Kiani...My oldest granddaughter.  She will be 3 this November.  It's hard to believe that almost 3 years ago I became a Gramm for the first time.  My life has never been the same and I couldn't possibly feel more love than I do for my 3 granddaughters.  They are the joy of my heart.

Kiani is wearing a new scarf her Momma made for her.  She's striking a pose so everyone can see how lovely it is.  I'm so very proud of my Daughter for trying new things and creating.  She's amazing and I'm once again blessed.

Oh and her Sissy, Malia, got one too!  Am I blessed or what??  Just want to hug them and hug them!

Thank you for taking the time with me today!  Blessings and love Colleen!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I created a collage to highlight my latest project.  My husband has built an oak frame for her and I think we may white wash it lightly.  We haven't decided yet.
I need your help.  Can you tell me whether you prefer the word "Blessed" to the left of the picture over the lace; as shown in the upper middle photo?  I can't decide.  My husband says no and I say "hmmm".

Thanks for your comments and help with this one.

I used My Memories software to embellish the collage.  The flourish and my signature will not be present of course...and the border is just for highlighting.

Blessings Dear Ones!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Do You Ever Lose Followers?

I do.  At first, because of who I am, I thought "What did I do?"  It's funny when you think about it.  Most of us don't "do" anything when we lose a "Follower".  It just time for them to move on.  Through attrition we will see "Followers" come and go.  It's perfectly normal and we shouldn't let it depress, upset, or otherwise change our day.

Would I love to have more "Followers"?  Of course!  We all would.  That's why we post, create, write, and blog.  We want to make friends, network, laugh, and support those that blog with us.

I found an excellent article regarding "losing Followers".  Please feel free to visit Single Dad Laughing and read his article You will lose blog followers, no biggie. This is a very insightful blog on growing your following.

Thanks for stopping by! An remember, you're never alone.

Blessings and love, Colleen

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Excited about the New October Scrap That Kit!

Have you ever tried Scrap That?  The kits from this company are, without a doubt, some of the most beautifully put together kits I have ever seen.  The coordination of colors, embellishments, and add on's are incredible.  The quality is truly top notch and the price is phenomenal

The October Kit is no exception!  There is going to be a blog hop to help the launch the next kit.  I hope you'll join us!

I hope you'll take a moment to stop by Scrap That and enjoy the beautiful kits and layouts that are available!

Blessings and warmth,