Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3rd Birthday for My Oldest Grand Child

It's hard to believe that 3 years have gone by since Kiani came into the world.  It seems like only yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting her arrival.  Wondering what she would look like, if she'd be healthy.

I was taking my daughter for a routine check up.  We expected to be home that afternoon, having tea, laughing, and waiting.  At the appointment, everything rapidly changed.  Shann's blood pressure had shot up and they decided they'd take the baby early; as in that day!  We headed to the hospital, calling Daddy on the way.  Kiani was going to be 5 weeks early and Gramm was a bit concerned.

But as you can see everything worked out just fine:

She was always smiling for us

Being a Kitty for the Camera

When I think of my grand children I can't help but thank God from whom all blessings have come.  They are truly my heart and joy.  I love them unconditionally.

Thank you for stopping by today!


Duni said...

What a cute baby she was! Those pics are adorable :)

Lauren said...

She is just too cute! Hope you are having a great time visiting with your family!

Rose said...

I hope that she had a wonderful third birthday! Great pictures.