Monday, May 30, 2011

LOTV Challenge 98 ~ I Believe in Fairies

Thought I would jump back into the LOTV Challenge with a new card.  Their theme is I Believe in Fairies!  So much fun!

LOTV Challenge 98 - I Believe in Fairies!

The card was constructed with papers I used from the Secret Garden Scrap That kit from earlier this year.  Of course, the florals are from Wild Orchid Crafts, and the sweet Fairy Stamp is a purchase from LOTV.

I had all the elements for a sweet card and I think it turned out pretty cute!  Hope you enjoy it too!

Blessings to you and warmth from above!


Friday, May 27, 2011

My Desktop is Back!!

Many thanks to Larry for getting this "old bird" up and running again!  This has been a long haul, but well worth the wait!  Many, many thanks!!  Woot!  Woot!

I made this little card early on.  I just loved the little bear and the lovely greens and peaches.  Did I mention, I'm so excited to be back!

I'll be busy preparing for company.  My Mom, Sister, and Brother-in-Law are coming from Washington State!  I'm so happy I can hardly breathe.  This weekend is going to be a busy one preparing for them.

I'll chat with you soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Many Thanks to Wild Orchid Crafts!!

I'm excited and honored to have my Mothers Day Card for Mom chosen as one of the Top 3 in the Wild Orchid Challenge!  If you click the Top 3 banner to the right, you'll be able to see the other winners as well! There are so many talented ladies and gentlemen out there that I really have to pinch myself.
Welcome to all my visitors and my apologies for not having new items posted.  My desktop did not get back to me as quickly as I hoped, but I know that he's very busy and I appreciate all he is doing for me.

I've missed not sharing with you and hopefully we'll be back to normal soon...

Blessings to you all...Please pray for the recent families involved in the storms over the last many losses; so much pain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good News! Woohoo!!

I just talked with the gentleman that is working on my desktop and it should be back in a couple of days!!  This is great news!

Although I am thankful to have my laptop to take care of the necessities of "online" life, it is very old, very slow, and has a tendency to freeze up.  Big bummer!!

To my Entrecard Followers, I should be dropping again soon!  It's just not possible with the laptop.  To many gadgets and extras on "today's" blog for this old dinosaur.

I've been dying to post some of my projects, but it's just such a hassle!  I can't wait to get the desktop back.

Did I mention I went to a wedding last weekend?  It was beautiful.  My daughter and son-in-law were participants in the wedding party.  It was done in lavenders and butterflies.  I watched the grandbabies while they worked their magic. 

It was so much fun!  We had a barbecue after the reception.  Fun times and fun people. Blessings to the new couple, may you have years and years of happiness!!

Blessings everyone!  We'll chat soon!  Don't forget to read your Promise for the Day in the upper left hand corner of the blog.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day Card for Mom

I thought I would share the card I made for Mom this year.  There's a little story behind this card. 
When I was just a little girl, no more than 2.  I had a favorite bear that I named "Teddy".  I loved Teddy very much and would take him everywhere I went.  My Mom told me that I would talk to Teddy just like he was a real baby.
One Easter morning, my Dad wanted to take a picture of all of us kids.  There were five of us, 3 boys, 2 girls; I was the youngest.  He wanted me to put Teddy down so that the picture would be simply of us children. 

I didn't want to put Teddy down.  Not at all!  Mom saw my dismay and decided to snap a picture of me turning to Teddy, with my face all contorted in sorrow, saying, "Don't worry Teddy...I won't put you down." was a sweet reminder of my childhood and I added this feature in the card.  I also added a tag on the "boxelope" reflecting the moment.

WOC Challenge 23 Mums are Special
She loved the card and ran back to her room to get the picture to show everyone that had come to visit on her special day.  It gave me such joy to make her happy.  I miss her terribly. 

This country is awful big when your Mom is on the other side....

Thanks for taking the time with me today...blessings and love to all who stop here!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Post...My Main Computer is Down

Houston..............We have a problem!  The desktop is down for the count...

I don't know what happened to the dad-gum thing, but I'm thankful to have this old laptop so that I can at least let you know what's going on.

This computer is very slow and a bit on the "patience" building side, but I'll just have to do what I can do.

Thank you for your patience!  I'll be back soon!

Blessings to you!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Okay...So I Didn't Do the Box...

...I did an envelope...Commonly known in the Scrapping World as a "boxelope".  Cute name, huh?  Well, I created my template using the template from this site.  Extremely helpful and well laid out.  It took a little be of time and I'll probably recreate the template, as the second one is always better than the first for me. 

When I sent my Mom her Easter Card, my Sister was with her when she opened it.  Mom loved it, and my Sister sent me a text saying, "Where's mine"?  How sweet is that?  So, of course, I made one for her.  I hope it will fit into a few challenges, but we'll see.

Anyway, Here's the card and "boxelope" to go with it.

The stamp is a Sarah Kay creation; purchased through 7 Kids College Fund.  Extremely nice company to deal with...I'll definitely do business there again...Of course, the florals are from Wild Orchid Crafts. 

I hope my Sis likes her card...I did add a verse, and lightly embellish the inside...

Still learning...Still having fun!

Thanks for stopping by...You are soooooo appreciated!  Bless you...