Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shabby Chic Christmas House

I know...it's hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner.  I've added the little birdhouse to my collection to get you prepared! :D
Here's a quick front view of this jolly birdhouse.  It measures 3 7/8 x 4, so it's pretty tiny.  It'll be a perfect addition to your Christmas decor at an excellent price!  Just 6.00 plus shipping, and if you choose to get more than one house; I'll package them together for one shipping fee, as long as they fit in the same box.

I embellished the roof with a Spellbinders embossing template.  I thought it added a touch of class to our Christmas house.

By the time I was finished I had 3 "bird" couples asking for residence!  I had to tell them it was too small for them and that I'd have to work on a larger size!
Blessings and love,

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Rea said...

Adorable bird house. I got an invitation to Google+, It said it was from you. If so, thank you for the invite, but I don't do Google+. I think it would be one more thing that I couldn't keep up with. Your welcome to stop by my blog anytime. (If you leave a comment, please do so on my blog, and do not send your comment as a email.) Hugs