Saturday, September 8, 2012

His Eye Is On the Sparrow

Throughout my life I have clung to my faith to get me through some of the most difficult times in my life.  Some people call it a crutch...I find this a bit strange; it would be like saying your family is a crutch; your best friend is a crutch, etc. 

Perhaps it's because I view my faith, not as a religion, but as a relationship with One who loved me enough to die for me; even before I ever placed a foot on this earth; before my first wail as a babe.

Eye On the Sparrow

Eye On the Sparrow Bird Cage
With those thoughts in mind I created a picture that depicted one of  my favorite songs, as well as, the verse that inspired the song.

I believe I'll put it on Etsy for sale, but I just finished it and I'm trying to decide what I'd like to do.  The frame is black, which offsets the colors within.
Thank you for taking a look today...God bless you and keep you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shabby Chic Christmas House

I's hard to believe, but Christmas is just around the corner.  I've added the little birdhouse to my collection to get you prepared! :D
Here's a quick front view of this jolly birdhouse.  It measures 3 7/8 x 4, so it's pretty tiny.  It'll be a perfect addition to your Christmas decor at an excellent price!  Just 6.00 plus shipping, and if you choose to get more than one house; I'll package them together for one shipping fee, as long as they fit in the same box.

I embellished the roof with a Spellbinders embossing template.  I thought it added a touch of class to our Christmas house.

By the time I was finished I had 3 "bird" couples asking for residence!  I had to tell them it was too small for them and that I'd have to work on a larger size!
Blessings and love,

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mom’s 84th Birthday

Well, this September 15th will mark my Mom's 84th birthday. I decided to make something for her. I found the lyrics to a song that I thought spoke volumes with regards to how we feel about our Moms and how I feel about mine.

My Mom is an amazing individual.   If I told you all she has been through in her life you'd think I was telling you a "story".   In all truthfulness, there were many times that the Lord could have taken her home and decided in His wisdom and mercy to leave her here with us.  Thank you Lord.

She has been met with more adversity than most of us can barely imagine... and yet she survived!   I am the luckiest woman in the world to have such an amazing woman in my life.   She is my confidant, my friend, my prayer warrior, and so much more.

Thank you Mom for all you've always done and continue to do.  Thank you Lord for giving her to us for all these years.

You are an awesome God!!

Thank you everyone for watching and reading.

Blessings! Colleen