Monday, April 22, 2013

Have You Ever Felt Like This??

Do you see the determination on this animals face?  Can you see the power behind his eyes and his tenacious ability to swim with the strength and agility that only he could have?  Look at his great paws scooping the water, plunging forward to meet his destination.

He's coming right at us.  No fear.  Only determination to get whatever he's going after.

Well, that tiger is the way I feel right now.  I'm determined, I'm coming right at the challenge, and I'm going to succeed.  I'm not going to let others tear me down, I'm not going to let anyone stand in the way.  I can do this!

That doesn't really sound like me does it?  Even as I write it, I feel a little out of touch with the good natured, kind spirited person that I've become.  However, this is what I need to be to succeed.

I thank my God for every good thing that passes from me to you.  I pray that you too, will find the tiger within; so that you can meet success right where it stands.

Thank you for listening and visiting!  Have a blessed evening!


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