Wednesday, April 24, 2013

HootSuite! What in the World is That?


What am I talking about now?  It's a social media dashboard that helps you coordinate messages between different social medias.  For instance, you can post something to Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and 2 others with one fell swoop (free version).

I've just started using it, as I found myself hopping back and forth between medias.  I was looking for a way to create and distribute posts a little more efficiently.  For the FREE version you can add up to 5 different social media sites.  For more, you pay a $9.99 monthly fee.  I'm working with the free version right now to see if it's something that will actually save me time and open more doors for me.

There is an affiliate program as well, but I didn't sign up for that yet.  Still checking into it.  I really don't like to recommend things that I can't or won't use or that don't help me in the long run.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Would love to have you host a catalog party!  It's so easy...just $200.00 to qualify for a $25.00 credit, a 1/2 price item, an exclusive hostess option...Woot! Woot!  Let's do this!

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