Friday, April 12, 2013

Squeezing in Time for Your New Venture

Do you have trouble squeezing enough time into a busy day to get everything done?   I was thinking about that this morning, as I realized that I have to pick up my taxes, go to the grocery, get ready for work this evening, and did I mention make some new contacts for my new business?

It's not easy, is it?  Trying to fit all of our daily needs into a few hours and then add one more item to the day!  An important item!  If we don't make it a priority, it will never be one!

Here's the thing.  If you desire something enough, you will figure out how to make it a part of your day.  Right?  I mean if we seek the Lord's wisdom, then surely we will make time for His Word.  If we want to be heard, surely we will make time to be in front of the people we need to speak to.

The bottom line is that we need to take action each and every day to move forward in whatever we endeavor to do.  It needs to start now and it needs to continue daily.

Make every moment of every day count!

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