Friday, January 23, 2015

You Know What's Great About Going "Inactive"?

What's so great about going inactive in a business?  Many people might get discouraged when they've been unable, for whatever reason, to maintain their monthly or quarterly quotas.  They may think that they might as well give up!

It's funny, I think I've felt that way in the past too....but this time I feel differently.  I feel inspired to try harder...think of new ways...push through to success.

For instance, I went inactive with one of my businesses...and I have 48 hours to make something happen...I've decided to offer a GREAT Gift with Purchase.  Free items for a small order.  Sounds very doable to me and I'm ready to get started...below are a few of the items...25.00 order gets your pick of any one item...50.00 gets you pick of any 2 items...when they are gone...they are gone...

Super cute organizer and cinch sac...

 Another awesome organizer with zip pouch...

Super black purse, perfect for everyday!

It's time to make it happen and have a little fun along the way!

Are ya with me??

GWP ends 1/26/2015


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