Friday, October 9, 2015

Flowers Included, Special Offer Within!

We live in an era when everything seems to be paired down.  Pay more, get less.  You head to the grocery to pick up a few items and $100.00 later you walk out the door thinking, "What did I buy"?  You know how to shop carefully, but somehow the cost keeps creeping up higher and higher.

That's why, at Sweet Home Designs on Etsy, I try to keep my costs down, down, down...Currently, everything in the shop is under $20.00.  Why?  Because I believe that you have to be able to go somewhere and feel like you're getting a BUY!  :)

For instance, I just added the Country Chic Decor-Mason Jar for $8.50!  And yes, the flowers are included!

Country Chic Decor - Mason Jar  

I hope you'll stop by Sweet Home Designs for a visit! Mention this post and I will give you an additional 50% off any purchase of equal or lesser value!  Happy Shopping!


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