Saturday, July 29, 2017

Two New Items to Share

Great NEWS!!  I sold one of my super cute Country Chic Decor Mason jars.  Not to worry though, I added another one today! :D

These jars are a fantastic addition to any decor.  They just add the right "at home" touch.  Flowers will come with the jar!

The second item is this adorable Country Chicken Memo Board.  This is a small 7 x 7 inch board, which will fit wonderfully in a narrow wall area, on a shelf, or table top.  What a cute gift for the special chicken loving friend.  :D

The little "memo" stamps on the front are removable so that you can add you own messages of love.

Thank you for stopping by Sweet Home Designs!  Hope to hear from you soon!

Blessings and love!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

It's Time to Dust Off...

...the key board and get back into blogging.  So much has happened since I've last posted to this blog.  My emotions are all over the board, happy, excited, sad, scared, know what I mean ;)

Most importantly, I have opened my Etsy Shop "Sweet Home Designs" again.  We were in the process of moving and I've been unable to get the shop up and running until now.  My husband has retired and we are on a very fixed income.  Here's hoping that I'm able to add a little to the budget through the shop.

Here are a couple of items I recently listed:

I'm still working on my cards and other similar items...I've also added a wreath to the mix. :D

I hope you'll stop by and visit the shop.  I'll be adding more items daily.  Maybe, you'll find something you can't live without!! :D

Hope to see you soon!  Blessings from Sweet Home Designs!